Spiking Neuron Models

Single Neurons, Populations, Plasticity

Wulfram Gerstner and Werner M. Kistler
Cambridge University Press (August 2002)

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Single Neuron Models
Chapter 2: Detailed Neurom Models
Chapter 3: Two-Dimensional Neuron Models
Chapter 4: Formal Spiking Neuron Models
Chapter 5: Noise in Spiking Neuron Models

Part II: Populations of Spiking Neurons
Chapter 6: Population Equations
Chapter 7: Signal Transmission and Coding
Chapter 8: Oscillations and Synchrony
Chapter 9: Spatially Structured Networks

Part III: Models of Synaptic Plasitity
Chapter 10: Hebbian Models
Chapter 11: Learning Equations
Chapter 12: Plasticity and Coding

Bibliography and Index