NIPS'98 Workshop

Dynamics in Networks of Spiking Neurons

Dynamics in networks of spiking neurons

Session Chair: W. Gerstner

Networks of spiking neurons have several interesting dynamic properties, for example very rapid and characteristic transients, synchronous firing and asynchronous states. A better understanding of typical phenomena has important implications for problems associated with neuronal coding (spikes or rates). For example, the population activity is a rate-type quantity, but does not need temporal averaging - which suggests fast rate coding as a potential strategy.

The idea of the workshop is to start from mathematical models of network dynamics, see what is known in terms of results, and then try to find out what the implications for 'coding' in the most general sense could be.

A few points that could be raised in the workshop:

Potential audience: Researchers interested in questions of coding and dynamics.


The workshop is planned for 2 sessions on Friday, Dec. 4. Each session will be started off by a couple of talks with enough time for lots of discussions. (4 x 25 min talks + 40 minutes discussion in the morning, 3x 25 minutes talks + 90 minutes discussion in the evening).


The NIPS'98 Workshops will be held on December 4 and 5 in Breckenridghe (Colorado). The workshops follow the main conference Neural Information Processing Systems, NIPS'98 which will be held in Denver on December 1-3.