Predicting spike times of a detailed conductance-based neuron model driven by stochastic spike arrival

Renaud Jolivet and Wulfram Gerstner

Quantitative Biology, abstract q-bio.NC/0407010

Reduced models of neuronal activity such as Integrate-and-Fire models allow a description of neuronal dynamics in simple, intuitive terms and are easy to simulate numerically. We present a method to fit an Integrate-and-Fire-type model of neuronal activity, namely a modified version of the Spike Response Model, to a detailed Hodgkin-Huxley-type neuron model driven by stochastic spike arrival. In the Hogkin-Huxley model, spike arrival at the synapse is modeled by a change of synaptic conductance. For such conductance spike input, more than 70% of the postsynaptic action potentials can be predicted with the correct timing by the Integrate-and-Fire-type model. The modified Spike Response Model is based upon a linearized theory of conductance-driven Integrate-and-Fire neuron.