Subthreshold cross-correlations between cortical neurons: A reference model with static synapses

Melamed O, Silberberg G, Markram H, Gerstner W, Richardson MJE

NEUROCOMPUTING 65: 685-690 JUN 2005

The structure of cross-correlations between subthreshold potentials of neocortical neurons was recently examined. Characteristic features included broad widths and significant peak advances. It was suggested that dynamic synapses shape these cross-correlations. Here a reference model is developed comprising leaky integrators with static synapses. The forms of the subthreshold correlations are derived analytically for two different forms of synaptic input: steady drive and populations bursts. For the latter case the model captures the widths seen in experiment. However, the model could not account for the peak advance. It is concluded that models with static synapses lack the necessary biological details for describing cortical dynamics.