Competition: Predicting Single-Neuron Behavior

Here is our competition for predicting single-neuron behavior.


A first set of annotated training data and test stimuli have been published by March 16 2007 and the results of the first round of submissions was available for the workshop on Quantitative Neuron Modeling, June 25/26 in Lausanne on the Campus of the EPFL . A new data set for challenges A and B will become available by October 2007.

Important dates (challenge of spring 2007)

Competition and Prizes
The competition is run in several categories, called A,B,C,D. Participants may run in one or several categories Note that there may be 0,1, or 2 first prizes.

Workshop and Competition participation
Results of the workshop will be presented at the Quantitative Neuron Modeling workshop June 25/26, 2007 . However, everybody is welcome to participate in the competition without enrolling in the workshop. The competition is an invitation to compare your results and methods with those of other people in the field.

Poster presentation at the workshop, requires submission of results to the competition in at least one category. Workshop registration is mandatory for those wishing to present a poster.

Data format
Data sets will become available by March 15 2007

Data will be available for parameter optimization (training data, input and output given) and prediction (test data, only input given).

We expect to have at least 4 categories:

Methods and Models
The only aspect that counts for us is the quality of the prediction on the test set. In terms of methods, anything goes. In particular we welcome contributions using

Miscellaneous. For those interested in prediction and neural challenges, please have also a look at The Neural Prediction Challenge . In contrast to this challenge, our Lausanne competitions are based on challenge on direct neuronal stimulation and not sensory stimulation.