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Video Lectures of Wulfram Gerstner:

Theoretical Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience

There are two series of lectures:

A) Filmed in the classroom, a series of lectures over 14 weeks (this page here). Most lectures are also available in the MOOC format (see next point), except the one on Fokker-Planck equation for membrane potential distribution).

B) A series of MOOC ONLINE lectures over 14 weeks on
'Neuronal Dynamics - Computational neuroscience of single neurons'. for the first part and:
'Computational neuroscience of cognition'. for the second part.

Modeling of Biological Neurons and Neural Networks

I. Models of Single Neurons II. Synpatic changes and Learning III. Noise and the Neural Code IV. Structured Networks: Competition, Decision, Field Equations Recommanded text books

Attention. Paper and Pencil Exercises are integrated in the lectures. For example a Monday session from 10h15 to 13h00 can be structured as 35 minutes course + 10 minutes exercise + break + 25 minutes course + 20 minutes exercise + break + 20 minutes course + 15 minutes exercise. The Python based exercises and demos are after the lectures.  

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