Computer Science II This is the English Version; there is also a French Version

Computer Science II for Life Scientists

This is not a programming course, but a course where computer science is presented as a science, i.e., the science of computing and information. In this course we will focus on four questions: What happens in a computer? What is computation? What is information? What is intelligence? During the discussion of these questions we will touch on different disciplines of computer science such as algorithmics, processor architecture, logic systems, compilation, information theory, artificial intelligence.


Transparencies and Lectures


For all questions regarding exercises, please send an email to
Stefano Pennese




The date of the final exam is during last week of the semester (Friday 23 June 16h00-19h30, room CO 1).
A test exam (bonus!) takes place, probably in week 4, DATE: Jeudi 6 avril, 9h15

The mini-project counts toward the final mark. The mini-project must be handed in by June 26 at noon.

If test exam better than final exam: note = 0.5*examen + 0.25*test + 0.25*miniprojet
If final exam better than test: note = 0.75*examen + 0.25*miniprojet


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